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The Mystery of the Missing Fossils

In our new series “The Mystery of the Missing Fossils,” Dr. Stephen Meyer shares the astonishing evidence that has been found in the Cambrian fossil record. He also explains why the evidence shows an all-powerful Intelligent Designer is a better scientific explanation than Darwinism for the sudden appearance of fully formed animals in the fossil record.

Featured Guests: Dr. Stephen Meyers

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Current Series

Step by Step through Creation

As Dr. Ross and Dr. Ankerberg will take you verse by verse through Genesis 1 and 2, you will learn how the biblical account of creation can be reconciled with current scientific evidence.

Featured Guests: Dr. Hugh Ross

How to become a christian

  • Ready to start your Christian life? Click here to see how, and connect with the John Ankerber Show team to begin the biggest journey of your life!

    Pray to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior
  • If you have just received Christ into your life what do you do next? This article provides some simple guidelines for beginning a life of faith.

    Starting the Christian life

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