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The Middle East in the Last Days

What does biblical prophecy predict will happen in the Middle East in the last day? Are we seeing these predictions fulfilled today? In Program 1 Dro. Ankerberg and Dr. DeYoung look at both North Africa and Syria’s roles in end time events. Program 2 highlights the most important piece of real estate in the Bible—the Temple Mount. Finally, Program 3 will discuss the predictions of Ezekiel 38 as related to Europe and the United States. What role will Western powers play during the Bible’s predicted future battle against Israel? How should we prepare for these future events?

Featured Guests: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

Now Broadcasting On TV

Current Series

Science Discovers the Universe

Dr. Ross presents the scientific evidence that has led astronomers to conclude the universe had a beginning, and how God has designed the universe in precisely the manner necessary for human life to safely live on earth.

Featured Guests: Dr. Hugh Ross

How to become a christian

  • Ready to start your Christian life? Click here to see how, and connect with the John Ankerber Show team to begin the biggest journey of your life!

    Pray to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior
  • If you have just received Christ into your life what do you do next? This article provides some simple guidelines for beginning a life of faith.

    Starting the Christian life

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