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Supreme Court Cases Defining Marriage

The Supreme Court of the United States is considering two cases that could change the definition of marriage. The first, Hollingsworth v. Perry challenges California’s constitutional amendment, Proposition 8, defining marriage as between one man and one woman. The second case heard this week is United States v. Windsor challenging the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act signed by President Clinton. This Act defines marriage as between one man and one woman for all federal purposes.

How should a Christian respond?

Call to Prayer

This is a call to prayer, but we need to give you a little backdrop on an issue where we feel the Evangelical church has profoundly failed to be like Jesus Christ inthat in John 1:14, He was “full of grace and truth” – this is an issue that we have be lacking on both fronts. By this June, homosexual “marriage” could be forced upon America by the Supreme Court. That means that it could be forced upon states that have voted to define marriage as between one-man and one-woman marriage.

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear 2 cases:

Hollingsworth v. Perry A challenge to California’s state constitution which defines marriage as between 1 man and 1 woman

United States v. Windsor – A challenge to the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, passed by Congress and signed into law by President Clinton, that defines marriage for all federal law purposes as between 1 man and 1 woman

In both cases, President Obama is supporting homosexual marriage

The proponents of “homosexual marriage” says that all of these laws defining marriage between one man and one woman violate the United States Constitution’s guarantee of Equal Protection and should be struck down. The homosexual activists in these cases have won in all lower courts.

Implications of the Case

The implications of these cases are HUGE – comparing this to the life issue, this would be like Roe v. Wade being combined with the Obamacare abortion mandate.

First and foremost, this is attack on the institution of marriage that God defined and created – we could talk for days about the grave consequences if the attack succeeds, But one effect, a bad decision will make it the law of the land that children do not have the right to be raised by both their mother and their father.

Second, homosexual marriage is the greatest threat to religious liberty in our nation’s history

  • Ongoing attempts to make speaking Biblical truth on homosexuality hate speech – Alberta, Canada Pastor fined thousands of dollars and order to apologize to any homosexuals he had offended by citing Biblical truth in a letter to the editor. If homosexual marriage becomes “the law” then it will be protected under many, many laws about discrimination – will be used vs. individuals, businesses, and churches
  • Adoption laws around the country that limit adoption by couples to married couples would have to permit adoptions by homosexual “spouses”. A Catholic Adoption Agency in Boston closed down after 80 years because of this very same issue
  • Christian photographer in New Mexico fined $7000 for refusing to photograph a homosexual “commitment ceremony”–New Mexico Court of Appeals upheld the fine
  • United Methodists in New Jersey were sued for not allowing a lesbian “civil union” at their church-owned campground—judge rule against the Methodists

Broader Implications for the propagation of the Gospel

Just look at last year or so…

  • Counseling profession – students being kicked of graduate programs because they won’t counsel homosexual couples to stay in homosexual relationships
  • Legal profession – This weeks supreme court cases, we are filing opposition to a proposed rule
  • Attack on Chick-Fil-A for defending traditional marriage
  • Louie Giglio uninvited from praying at the Presidential Inauguration – why? Because 20 years ago, he gave a clear, Biblical message on homosexuality – activists quoted in the New York Times called on him to repent or say whether his views on homosexuality had “evolved” like President Obama’s

Albert Mohler:

This is precisely what biblical Christians cannot do. While seeking to be gentle in spirit and ruthlessly Gospel-centered in speaking of any sin, we cannot cease to speak of sin as sin. To do so is not only to deny the authority of Scripture, not only to reject the moral consensus of the saints, but it undermines the Gospel itself. The Gospel makes no sense, and is robbed of its saving power, if sin is denied as sin…. If you are a Christian, get ready for the question you will now undoubtedly face: “Do you now or have you ever believed that homosexuality is a sin?” There is nowhere to hide.

What Can YOU DO?

First, recognized that we are losing freedoms because we have allowed complacency to outweigh the Biblical mandate to be salt and light – DO NOT misunderstand what we are trying to say – our salvation is not in government, our salvation is in GOD!


VOTE! Approx. 30% of self-described evangelicals didn’t vote in last election

Every single office matters – local, state, and federal. At the federal level, President Obama actively attacks laws like DOMA that he is supposed to defend

DON’T COUNT ON TRADITIONAL MEDIA – Get real scoop from organizations like Focus on the Family and The Family Research Council, etc.


Biblically evaluate your media choices – does your family “entertainment” consist of prime time television shows and certain popular Hollywood movies? – then you and your children receive countless pro-homosexual message. This is in addition to what is promoted by our President, taught in many public schools, and promoted as diversity in major corporations.

Get in the Word of God! – Read Genesis 1, Genesis 19, Leviticus 18, Judges 19, I Kings 14, Romans 1, 1 Corinthians 6, 1 Timothy 1, Jude

Equip yourself and your children on how to handle this issue – below are two good resources:

Culture Shock DVD Series – Chip Ingram – What to say to a homosexual friend

The Truth About Same Sex Marriage –Erwin Lutzer’s Book – 6 Things You Must Know About What’s Really At Stake

Plus see the resources on this website listed below


Pray 1 Timothy 2:2 –for those in authority: Supreme Court Justices, President Obama

Pray for yourself – Are you equipped on this issue? Or are you fearful to speak God’s grace and truth on this issue to those involved in it?

Pray for homosexuals – Have you been content to have ill feelings toward homosexuals, or do you desire their salvation and freedom in Christ?

Prayer List:

  • Supreme Court Justices (clerks, etc.) – esp. Justice Kennedy – that they would upheld the law passed by the United States Congress and millions of voters in California who, like those in Tennessee, voted to affirm the Biblical definition of marriage in their state constitutions
  • Supreme Court advocates – Charles Cooper & Paul Clement – for rest, for clarity of thought, for powerful speech and for cogent answers in response to every question; for their opponents, confusion and stumbling, which is what acceptance of their position would cause
  • President Obama & his administration – Ps. 33:12
  • Christians in our church, city, state, and nation – that they and their children would (1) be Biblically minded on this issue, (2) be equipped to share the hope of the Gospel on this with their co-workers, neighbors, and family members, (3) that we would do this like You would, full of grace, but never wavering on truth, without which they don’t know they need grace


Resources from the John Ankerberg Show

The following resources are available to help you to understand the key issues surrounding one of the most decisive issues of current society.

Articles and Media Clips:

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