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God has opened doors to share His word in China. Will you help us provide Audio Proclaimers in the Chinese language requested by churches in China? Right now, 8,000 churches need to receive a Proclaimer and are waiting for your help.

All New Series: The Historical Evidence for the Resurrection Even the Skeptics Believe

Liberty University's Dr. Gary Habermas brings his classroom to The John Ankerberg Show as he discusses the key evidences for the resurrection that are agreed upon by skeptics and scholars. Click below to Preorder the series and dive deeper into some of the main topics discussed in the series before it debuts.

How Do I Commit My Way to the Lord?

Psalm 37:5 says to “Commit your way to the Lord.”How do I do that?

The Faith of America’s Presidents

As we approach Presidents’ Day, we are reminded of the important role of our nation’s leaderssince its founding in 1776. From George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to those who governtoday, the lives and actions of these presidents have greatly impacted our nation and world.Yet few recognize the vital role faith has played in the lives of many American presidents.

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Ep 3 | Ravi Zacharias Answers Questions from the United States


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Ep 1 | The Importance of the Cambrian Explosion | The Mystery of the Missing Fossils


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Daily Journey: February 21st

Exodus 34:27-36:7, Mark 2:23-3:19

Thought from Today’s Old Testament Passage: Ex. 34:28-35 The coming down of Moses from the mount, greatly enriched and miraculously adorned. 1. He came down enriched with the best treasure; for he brought in his hands the two tables of the law, written with the finger of God, 5:28, 29. It is a great favour to have the law given us; this favour was shown to Israel, Ps. 147:19, 20. It is a great honour to be employed in delivering God’s law to others; this honour was done to Moses. 2. He came down adorned with the best beauty; for the skin of his face shone, v. 29. This time of his being in the mount he heard only what he had heard before, but he saw more of the glory of God, which having with open face beheld, he was in some measure changed into the same image from glory to glory, 2 Co. 3:18. The last time he came down from the mount with the glory of a magistrate, to frown upon and chastise Israel’s idolatry; now with the glory of an angel, with tidings of peace and reconciliation. Then he came with a rod, now with the spirit of meekness. Now,… This may be looked upon,… As a great honour done to Moses, that the people might never again question his mission nor think nor speak lightly of him. He carried his credentials in his very countenance, which, some think, retained, as long as he lived, some remainders of this glory, which perhaps contributed to the vigour of his old age; that eye could not wax dim which had seen God, nor that face become wrinkled which had shone with his glory. The Israelites could not look him in the face but they must there read his commission. Thus it was done to the man whom the King of kings did delight to honour. (Matthew Henry, Matthew Henry’s Commentary, Vol. 1, (McLean, VA: MacDonald Publishing Company, nd.), p. 429)

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