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Is the Lord leading you to provide an audio bible for someone who has never had a bible in their language before? There are 5 ways to help.

At the John Ankerberg Show, we believe Jesus taught us what it means to GO and preach the Gospel. One of most compelling things about Jesus is how He modeled outreach by meeting people where they are. We meet people where they are through television, radio, streaming media, online resources and our partnerships with other ministries.

Give a Gift of Hope this Holiday Season

Children take audio bibles to school to share with their friends when they receive them in their language. Would you send God's Word to those who need to hear it this Christmas?


Advent is the name of the season in which Christians prepare for the celebration that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas. Join us as we observe Advent this week.

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You are a part of something greater still. Before the year ends, help us invite others into hope before the new year!


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"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." - Mark 16:15

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    In 200 countries of the world people are now able to watch our show, respond to the Gospel and be encouraged in their walk with God

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    Nearly 950,000 audio bibles have been sent to people in over 59 countries, allowing many to hear God’s Word in their language for the first time

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    Over 900,000 people are part of weekly listening groups using audio Bible devices sent through our partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing

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Daily Journey: December 19th

Zechariah 12:1-14:21, Esther 1:1-22; Revelation 11:1-19

Thought from Today’s Old Testament Passage: [Zechariah 13:7] This highly poetic utterance by the Lord Almighty combines a number of figures of speech. The abrupt turning aside to address a non-present agent (Awake, O sword) combines two figures of speech—apostrophe (a direct address to an impersonal object as if it were a person) and personification. These words ascribe to an inanimate object the ability to hear, respond, and arouse out of sleep. The "sword," as a synecdoche (mention of a specific object to represent the more general), represents any instrument causing death (cf. 2 Sam. 11:24; 12:9 where Uriah’s death by arrows is ascribed to the sword). The basic idea, then, is that the Lord will direct the death of His Shepherd. He is the True Shepherd, the Messiah (cf. Zech. 11:4-14; John 10:11, 14, "the Good Shepherd"; Heb. 13:20, "the Great Shepherd"; 1 Peter 5:4, "the Chief Shepherd"). The Lord added that this Shepherd is "the Man who is close to Me." The Hebrew word translated "who is close to Me" is found elsewhere only in Leviticus (6:2; 18:20; etc.) where it refers to a "near relative" (though it is trans. "neighbor" in the NIV). In Zechariah 13:7 the Lord is claiming identity of nature or unity of essence with His Shepherd, thus strongly affirming the Messiah’s deity. John F. Walvoord, Roy B. Zuck, eds., The Bible Knowledge Commentary (Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1985), pp. 1568-1569.

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Family and friends salvation1512-17-2018View Details
Amit to a Christian high school1312-17-2018View Details
loznan@hotmail.com1512-15-2018View Details
Family salvation1412-10-2018View Details
BAPTISM1412-10-2018View Details
Marriage2212-08-2018View Details
Need deliverance from witchcraft and sorcery1712-07-2018View Details
Health2312-04-2018View Details
Pray for me2112-04-2018View Details
Prayer for son to come back to church2311-30-2018View Details
College2111-30-2018View Details
Nursing homes2111-29-2018View Details
Salvation, healing2111-29-2018View Details
Phone Interview 2511-27-2018View Details
paul.lugona@gmail.com1911-27-2018View Details
deep financial crisis2511-26-2018View Details
Blessed Thanksgiving with our new family1511-21-2018View Details
wifes normal delivery1611-20-2018View Details
financial blessings/help1711-19-2018View Details
Healing1811-19-2018View Details

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