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Store linkJesus’ temptation in the wilderness?
Store linkDoes Jesus understand when we face difficult times?
Store linkWhat lessons can we learn from the life of Naomi?
Store linkNaomi and Ruth’s part in God’s plan for the messiah?
Store linkWhy is the Book of Ruth important?
Store linkWhen we face difficulties has God abandoned us?
Store linkCan we trust God in hard times?
Store linkHow can you put your trust in Jesus?
Store linkHow does a mother’s love illustrate God’s love for us?
Store linkDoes God abandon us when we “mess up”?
Store linkAbraham’s reaction to famine…his own moral decline?
Store linkHow does the life of Abraham help us understand that God cares for us?
Store linkPersecution and the Church in China
Store linkOur “Mission” in the midst of persecution
Store linkHow can we say Christians are “precious to God”
Store linkWhat does God’s relationship to the Church today?
Store linkLiving faithfully despite circumstances.
Store link5 cultural trends: God’s intervention needed!
Store linkGood news in the midst of discouragement.
Store link“A royal priesthood”
Store link“A chosen generation”
Store linkWhat is the “good news” we can hang on to?
Store linkAmerica’s attitude toward Islam
Store linkTrends in education and legal system
Store linkRamifications of moral decline
Store linkConcerns about economic decline.
Store linkHow can you encourage a student who is struggling with the information they are taught in school that conflicts with their beliefs?
Store linkWhy is Psalm 111 found over a door at Cambridge University?
Store linkIs intelligent design merely religion masquerading as science?
Store linkIs intelligent design a testable theory?
Store linkCan intelligent design be considered scientific?
Store linkWhat alternate theories have been proposed to explain the origin of information?
Store linkEven if the neo-Darwinian theory is problematic, aren’t there other evolutionary theories that will explain the origin of biological information?
Store linkWhat factors caused Darwin to doubt his own theory?
Store linkWhat are the implications of the intelligent design theory?
Store linkDoes the Cambrian explosion offer “proof” for intelligent design?
Store linkCan intelligent design be considered a reasonable hypothesis for the origin of information?
Store linkHow does the “method of multiple competing hypotheses? Apply to the origin of information?
Store linkWhat is the “method of multiple competing hypotheses?
Store linkWhat is the theory of intelligent design?
Store linkWhat are gene regulatory networks, and why are they a problem for Darwin’s theory?
Store linkWhy is the abrupt appearance of animal body plans a problem for the Darwinian model of evolution?
Store linkCould all the distinct body plans in the world have originated from a single source?
Store linkWhat have scientists discovered in the fossil record over the last 150 years?
Store linkDoes the DNA alone provide sufficient information to build new organisms?
Store linkDoes the body plan for an animal reside in its DNA?
Store linkCould Darwin’s theory of natural selection and random mutation account for the Cambrian animals?
Store linkCould the Cambrian animals have come into existence as a result of natural selection and random mutation?
Store linkHow could the complex animals in the Cambrian explosion suddenly come into existence?
Store linkIf there’s even a small probability of finding a new gene or protein, doesn’t that mean it’s possible?   
Store linkWhat are the odds of randomly finding a new gene or protein?
Store linkWhere did the complex code in cells come from?
Store linkHow is the cell programmed with genetic information?
Store linkHow easy is it to produce new genetic information?
Store linkHow does DNA relate to the Cambrian explosion?
Store linkIn what ways does the fossil record create problems for Darwinian evolution?
Store linkWhere do neo-Darwinian paleontologists go next in their quest to fill in the missing fossil blanks?
Store linkWhat evidence refutes current explanations for mission fossils?
Store linkHow do scientists attempt to explain missing fossils?
Store linkWhat fossil evidence has recently been discovered in China?
Store linkWhy is the Cambrian explosion such a challenge to Darwin’s theory of the origin of life?
Store linkHow rapidly did the Cambrian “explosion” happen?
Store linkHave any recent discoveries solved the problems Darwin confronted?
Store linkWhere else have scientists found fossils contemporaneous to the Burgess Shale finds?
Store linkHow did Darwin explain the gaps in the fossil record?
Store linkAccording to Darwin, what should we find in the fossil record?
Store linkWhat types of animal fossils have been discovered in the Burgess Shale, and why do they pose a problem for scientists?
Store linkWhat two mysteries face evolutionary scientists in light of the Burgess Shale fossils?
Store linkJust how complex were the animals found in the Burgess Shale?
Store linkWhy did the Burgess Shale fossils pose a problem for Darwin’s evolutionary theory?
Store linkWhat makes the Burgess fossils so important?
Store linkWhy did the Cambrian explosion trouble Darwin?
Store linkHow can you be sure they will spend eternity with God?
Store linkWhat kingdom will God set up on the earth after the second coming?
Store linkWhat will happen when Jesus returns to earth?
Store linkWhat kind of bodies will believers have?
Store linkWho will be resurrected at the rapture?
Store link6 differences between the rapture and the second coming of Christ?
Store linkWhat is the second coming?
Store linkWhat is the rapture?
Store linkHow can someone accept Jesus as their savior?
Store linkWhat Will Take Place at the Battle of Armageddon?
Store linkWhat Signs Must Take Place Before the Second Coming of Christ?
Store linkWhat Signs Must Occur Before the Rapture Takes Place?
Store link4 proofs that the Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ are two Separate Events?
Store linkHow close are we to the Events of the End Time?
Store linkWhat is the Relationship of the Antichrist to the Revived Roman Empire?
Store linkDo we Actually see the Roman Empire being Revived Today?
Store linkHow does the Roman Empire Relate to Biblical Prophecy?
Store linkWhat is Imminency, and how does that relate to when Jesus will come?
Store linkWhat does Matthew 24 tell us about when Jesus will come?
Store linkWhat do Revelation 3:10 & 1 Thessalonians 1:10 tell us about when Jesus will come?
Store linkWhy has God Given us Biblical Prophecy?
Store linkWhat is Happening in Egypt and Syria Today?
Store linkWho Removes People from the Earth at the Rapture and at the Second Coming?
Store linkWhere will Jesus meet Believers at the Rapture and at the Second Coming?
Store linkHow can Someone put their Trust in Christ?
Store linkWhat do we Know about the Antichrist?
Store linkWhat Political Ruler will Come on the Scene after the Rapture?
Store linkWhere did the Jewish Groom Take his Bride after they left her Family Home?
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