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Are ”The Matrix” Movies Christian?

By: Dr. Ted Baehr; ©2003
Are The Matrix movies Christian allegories? Dr. Baehr explains why the religious and philosophical background of the people behind the scenes (and even some on-screen) make that extremely unlikely.

Are The Matrix Movies Christian?

We recently learned that there will be a Christian book coming out soon which says that The Matrix movies are Christian allegories.

While it is indeed true that these movies contain some apparent Christian symbolism, including a character named Trinity, and redemptive elements, they are actually a syncretis­tic, perhaps even Buddhist, hodgepodge of several opposing religions. Also, the story of Neo, the messianic hero in the movies, contains aspects in it that contradict and undermine the Christian parallels to Neo and his friends.

In fact, Communist scholar Cornell West, who actually appears in the movie and has had long “philosophical” discussions about reality and society with Larry and Andy Wachowski, the creators behind the movies, told the Los Angeles Times in its May 20, 2003 issue, that the second movie, Matrix Reloaded, offers “a devastating critique of all salvation stories.”

Thus, despite the cryptic nature of some of the dialogue in Matrix Reloaded, by the time Warner Bros. releases the third movie, Matrix Revolutions, in November, view­ers may find that the Wachowski brothers’ goal all along has been to propagandize people with some kind of anti-Christian, unbiblical, irrational atheist humanism.

Of course, Karl Marx said that his Communism is the ultimate humanism because it advo­cates that a humanist society should abolish religion, abolish family, abolish nation, and abolish private property. Therefore, it is very disturbing that the Wachowski brothers are talking to an extremist and crackpot like Cornel West, whose demented, politically correct Communist blather sometimes appears on network news shows and cable television.

To be fair, the article in the Times also says that the Wachowski brothers want the audi­ence to make up their own minds about the second movie’s questions about “the nature of truth and reality, the possibilities of choice and free will, the meaning of life and love.” Of course, Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one can be righteous before God, or society for that matter, without coming to Jesus Christ, whose teachings can be found in the New Testament. Thus, contrary to what West and the Wachowski brothers apparently think, it is indeed possible to know Truth and understand Reality, because the Heavens, as well as the Bible, declare the glory of God. To say that we cannot know Truth and cannot understand Reality, or cannot know God, is itself an attempt to make a claim about Truth, Reality and God. If that is indeed what West and the Wachowski brothers are saying, then they are contradicting themselves and are thus irrational.

Free your spirit and your mind. Come to the living Christ, if you haven’t done so already, and consider avoiding The Matrix movies. This fall, when the third movie comes out, save your money and instead go see Return of the King, the final movie episode adapted from one of the greatest books of the 20th Century, The Lord of the Rings, which comes out in December. Better yet, read or re-read Tolkien’s masterpiece, which is truly a Christian work of art.

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