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What do Muslims believe about Eschatology?

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Is it true that if a Muslim converts to Christianity, the law demands that person to be stoned to death or beheaded for the crime of conversion? How can Christians share the Gospel with Muslims? Is the world headed for a major clash between Islam and Christianity? Is it true that Muslims plan to spend $3 billion to introduce Islam to every person in America by 2013? 

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Clip Transcript:

Ankerberg: Alright. Fascinating stuff. You rolled by that one so fast. Jesus is going to come back, He’s going to knock off all the false religions, and that includes the swine, which would be Judaism, the crosses, which would be Christianity. And you’re going to see that He really was the good Muslim who was serving Allah, bringing Allah’s message, but He’s just a servant, and Muhammad is the great prophet, He’s just one of the prophets. He’s not the son of God, and He’s certainly not pushing Christianity. Anything else that you can pick up on there?

Emir: Well, it’s the key that you either, at that time of eschatology, stand with Muslims, or you’re killed. And so it is the ultimate jihad, it’s the ultimate picture of what will happen at the end of time: that Jesus defends Muhammad’s character. Jesus defends the Qur’an. Jesus defends everything it is to be Muslim. And Jesus defends that He is merely human, as chapter 5 of the Qur’an says, and is no more; and that those who say so, whether it’s Christians who say that He is the Son of God, or those who have corrupted it as Jews have done by eating swine or by corrupting the text, these people of the book are finally put in their place.

Ergun: Islam has this tendency, this is the irony for us, there’s really about eight of us who are former Muslims who are now professors. Emir is the Dean of the College, I’m a President of the Seminary. We constantly run into Muslims who have converted to Christ who hate Israel. They are believers in Jesus, but they are replacement theologians. They say the only way they can deal with Israel is make the Church replace Israel.

Ankerberg: Yes. Some time ago you came out with an article called “The Dirty Little Secret.”

Ergun: Yes. And the irony for us is that this is eschatological. We believe in Israel. We came to the point where, I mean, we were taught that the Jews drink the blood of Palestinian children and etc. Then we got saved and then we start reading through Romans and then we start reading Revelation. And we discover that all this eschatology we’d been taught was a lie. And that Israel is not replaced. They are still the children of God. This is one of those issues that almost splits churches. Because we stand with Israel; we stand with the Jew. We stand…

Ankerberg: Because you’re saying a lot of the fellows that have converted out of Islam like yourself, still hold to some of the teachings that Islam said, and they still hate the Jews!

Ergun: Oh, yes. Vestigial hatred, I call it.

Ankerberg: Okay.

Emir: And in Syria there was just a media release of a survey in the Middle East of what is your view of Judaism and in particular the Israel nation. And 100% of Syrians had a distain for Israel. It is encompassed in your blood. It runs through your veins.

But what we understand is eschatology is so important to your faith. For example, with us, why we’re such staunch supporters of Israel is we understand Genesis 12 is an unconditional covenant. That’s the Abrahamic covenant, the promise to the chosen people, where Jeremiah 31 is the new covenant which is given to us as well. In Jeremiah 31, it is also an unconditional covenant. Thereby, if God can remove an unconditional covenant to the Jews, He can also remove the promise of salvation found in Jeremiah 31 to we who were grafted in who are Gentiles. Eschatology, it’s imperative that we understand it as Christians.


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