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  1. Main Page‏‎ (1,586,383 views)
  2. Matthew – Thomas Figart‏‎ (736,444 views)
  3. Ephesians – Wayne Barber‏‎ (373,235 views)
  4. En El Cumplimiento de los Tiempos‏‎ (362,104 views)
  5. 1st Corinthians – Wayne Barber‏‎ (353,932 views)
  6. Romans – Wayne Barber‏‎ (288,051 views)
  7. Is Jesus Really the Only Way to God‏‎ (176,325 views)
  8. Faith in the Night Seasons‏‎ (171,124 views)
  9. Changed LDS Scripture‏‎ (139,674 views)
  10. Holistic Health Practices‏‎ (138,902 views)


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