What Happens One Minute After You Die? | John Ankerberg Show

What Happens One Minute After You Die?

By: The John Ankerberg Show

Attempting to Peek Behind the Curtain of Death.
By: Dr. Erwin Lutzer

What lies on the other side of the grave? What will we see and feel one minute after we die?

How to Overcome the Fear of Death
By: Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Do you fear death? Have you just been diagnosed with a life-ending disease? Is there any comfort for you when you know your death is near?

What Actually Happens at the Point of Transition From Life, to Death, to Heaven?
By: Dr. Erwin Lutzer

We know the Bible says “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord,” but how does that transition actually happen? What will we retain from our earthly body?

What Does the Bible Teach About the Death of Infants?
By: Dr. Erwin Lutzer

If you’ve suffered the tragedy of losing a child, does the Bible say anything that will comfort you in your grief? Do you have the hope of seeing your child again?

Your First Hour in Glory: What Will Heaven Be Like?
By: Dr. Erwin Lutzer

How long is eternity? What will we do in heaven? What does heaven look like?

The Descent Into Gloom: What Will Hell Be Like?
By: Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Many people don’t believe there is a literal hell. It just seems too harsh for a loving God to allow it. But what does the Bible say about hell? What will it be like?

Is God in Control of How and When You Die?
By: Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Do we have any control over how and when we die? Can we put off our death?

Suicide and the Christian
By: Dr. Erwin Lutzer

How can you have complete assurance you are going to Heaven?

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The John Ankerberg Show

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I want to read in details about this…!
What happen when 1 minute after you die


1)Not marriges done in heven


1)some one wife not come in heven how he live long life happily?


1)I am die in age of 25 what is the age of in heven or hell ?

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