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Fact a Day: April 14th

Knowing the Truth About the Resurrection (Harvest House, 1996) p. 28


What causes zealous skeptics to convert and believe in the Resurrection?


Lawyer, theologian, and philosopher Dr. John Warwick Montgomery points out that, “The historic Christian claim differs qualitatively from the claims of all other world religions at the epistemological point: on the issue of testability.”* In other words, only Christianity stakes its claim to truthfulness based on historical events open to investigation. And only this openness to critical investigation and verification explains the number of conversions of skeptics throughout history.

Evidence is defined in the Oxford American Dictionary as:

“1. anything that establishes a fact or gives reason for believing something. 2. statements made or objects produced in a law court as proof or to support a case.”

Other religions in the world are believed in despite the lack of objective evidence for their truth claims. Only Christianity can claim credibility because of the evidence supporting its truth claims. The truth is that no genuinely historical/objective evidence exists for the foundational religious claims of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, or any other religion.*

*For documentation, see Knowing the Truth About the Resurrection.


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