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Fact a Day: April 19th

The Facts on Islam (Harvest House, rev. 1998), p. 9-10

What are the basic Muslim beliefs?


Every Muslim must hold to six basic beliefs or articles of Islamic faith. They are:

Faith in Allah: Muslims believe there is only one true God and that his name is Allah. His will is supreme.

Angels: Muslims believe in angels—such as “Gabriel” who allegedly transmitted the Koran to Muhammad.

The Holy Books: Muslims believe that Allah has given a long series of revelations, including the Old and New Testaments. But these revelations end with the Koran which supersedes and to a large degree abrogates the others. For all practical purposes, Muslims accept only the Koran as the Word of God. …

The Prophets: Muslims believe Allah has sent 124,000 prophets to mankind, although only about 25 are mentioned in the Koran. Six of the principal prophets are Adam, the chosen of Allah; Noah, the preacher of Allah; Abraham, the friend of Allah; Moses, the speaker of Allah; Jesus, the word of Allah; and Muhammad, the apostle of Allah….

Predestination: Muslims believe everything that happens, both good and evil, is predestined by Allah’s will, his immutable decree.

The Day of Judgment: Muslims believe that on this Day the good and evil deeds of men will be placed on a “scale.” Those Muslims having sufficient personal merit and righteousness (and the favor of Allah) will go to eternal heaven; all others will go to eternal hell.

The above are required articles of faith but are also related to specific Muslim practices.


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