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Fact a Day: April 20th

The Facts on Islam (Harvest House, rev. 1998), p. 10-11

What religious duties are required of all Muslims?


Every Muslim must practice at least five fundamental religious duties. These are known as the Pillars of Religion. They are considered obligatory—observances upon which successful practice of the Muslim faith rests.

The first is reciting the creed of Islam—”There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.”

The second involves prayer. The Muslim must recite prescribed prayers five times a day. …

The third religious duty is observing the month of fasting called Ramadan. …

The fourth pillar of Islamic duty is the giving of alms to the poor. …

The fifth and last duty is that of a pilgrimage to Mecca, Muhammad’s place of birth. …

A sixth religious duty may be associated with the above five pillars, although it may also be considered optional. This is the Muslim holy war or jihad. Jihad may be interpreted as internal (as spiritual struggle) or external (defending Islam). When the situation warrants it, this duty requires Muslims to go to war to defend Islam against its enemies. Anyone who dies in a holy war is allegedly guaranteed eternal life in heaven and is considered a martyr for Islam.


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