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Fact a Day: April 24th

The Facts on Islam (Harvest House, rev. 1998), p. 26-27


What does Islam claim about the Koran?


As noted, Islam claims that the Koran is the literal Word of God, dictated supernaturally to Muhammad from the angel Gabriel. Muslims believe the Koran is perfect and without error. Muslims Musa Qutub, Ph.D., and M. Vazir Ali assert that the Koran is the only book ever to “withstand the microscopic and telescopic scrutiny of one and all, without the book stumbling anywhere.”*

Islam further claims the teachings of the Koran are in harmony with the autographs of the Bible because this is what the Koran teaches. (Again, it believes Christians have corrupted the Bible so that the Bibles Christians now use are unreliable.):

…and We have sent down to thee the Book [the Koran] with the truth, confirming the Book [the Bible] that was before it, and assuring it.*

This Koran could not have been forged apart from God; but it is a confirmation of what is before it….*


As the Encyclopedia Britannica observes, “For the Muslims, the Koran is the Word of God, confirming and consummating earlier revealed books and thereby replacing them….”*

*For documentation, see The Facts on Islam.


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