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Fact a Day: February 10th

The Facts on Hinduism in America (Harvest House, 1991) p. 24

What does Hinduism believe about life after death?

The basic teaching of Hinduism concerning the afterlife involves a belief in reincarnation, the idea that we have many lifetimes to perfect ourselves, to work off our “karma” (spiritual imperfections) until we finally merge back into Brahman. Tens of millions of Americans believe in reincarnation today largely because of the influence of Hinduism and other forms of occult practice….

Nevertheless, after an in-depth investigation into reincarnation, we see no genuine evidence to support such a belief. Further, we are convinced that “past-life” experiences are really self-deceptions or even demonic deceptions—hypnotic-like experiences which cause people merely to think they have lived before.

We are not alone in our convictions. Probably the leading secular reincarnation researcher in America is parapsychologist Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia. Although sympathetic to the idea, he denies that there is any proof of reincarnation and also accepts that one explanation for reincarnation experiences is that they are implanted into the mind by deceiving spirits.*…

Why would demons be interested in encouraging a belief in reincarnation? Simply because it is such an effective barrier to the Christian gospel.

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Hinduism in America.


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