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Fact a Day: February 13th

The Facts on Hinduism in America (Harvest House, 1991) pp. 40, 42

What are the personal hazards of Hindu practice?

When men and women reject their minds, follow religious leaders blindly, undercut and demean moral values, and open themselves to occult forces, it’s not surprising that some will be hurt or killed. Some gurus even teach that killing and murder can be “enlightened” actions.* When men and women are taught to see themselves as worthless illusions and to adopt a nihilistic outlook, when they reject moral standards as “unenlightened” and enter abnormal states of consciousness, who can be surprised when there are casualties?…

In conclusion, a brief summarization indicates that to one degree or another many of the gurus in America directly or indirectly:

1. discard the mind and independent thinking;
2. demand an absolute, unquestioning obedience;
3. reject moral standards;
4. demean and cheapen human life as maya (illusion);
5. see family life as a perversion or a concession to evil;
6. reject Christianity as a spiritual hazard or abomination;
7. offer teachings leading to despair and nihilism; and
8. offer an occult path that may lead to insanity, serious physical ailments, possession, or death.
Are such teachings truly “Wisdom from the East” or are they really the doctrines of demons referred to in Scripture (1 Timothy 4:1)?

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Hinduism in America.


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