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Fact a Day: January 10th

The Facts on Astrology (Harvest House, 1988) p. 20-21

What does astrology believe about Jesus Christ?

It is clear that astrology is willing to accept every view of who Jesus Christ is except the view that Jesus Himself taught and what the Bible teaches. The second thing to be noticed is that astrologers typically adopt an occultic view of Christ (for example, that Jesus the man was reincarnated on the earth and that “Christ” is our “higher self”). Note two leading astrologers’ views of Jesus Christ. Ronald Davison is “England’s foremost living astrologer” and has been editor of The Astrologers Quarterly since 1959. He states, “the story of the most perfect Being whoever incarnated on earth tells of the ultimate sacrifice on the cross…for the purpose of paying off any remaining debts [karma] of his own to the past….”* Notice here that this prestigious astrologer believes Jesus was just another spirit who was reincarnated on the earth. Davison sees Christ’s death on the cross as necessary for paying the price of His own “sins” (karma).

Marcus Allen is another example of a professional astrologer who teaches an occult view of Christ. He believes Christ is now everyone’s higher occult self. Thus he states, “Christ had all seven ancient planets… all conjunct in Pisces… so he was the supreme, the ultimate Pisces… and so he initiated the Age of Pisces which is now coming to an end with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, which is initiated by the second coming of the Christ Life within all of us…. In the Age of Aquarius, everyone is the Avatar, everyone is tuned into their higher self…”*

In other words, this professional astrologer concludes that Christ Himself, through His “return,” is equal to the emerging occult consciousness of all humanity.

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Astrology.


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