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Fact a Day: January 13th

The Facts on Astrology (Harvest House, 1988) p. 25, 29

Is there such a thing as Christian Astrology?

We have just seen that the Bible completely rejects astrology. Any comprehensive study of Christian history presents a strong testimony against astrology, despite astrologers’ claims to the contrary.* The only brief period in which some in the church ever “embraced” astrology was a period in which the Bible itself was largely rejected and the church was full of evil practices, immorality and paganism. *

In spite of all this, there are three categories of those who are astrologers and yet who claim the Christian faith: 1) those who claim to be Christians simply because they live in a “Christian” country or were raised in a nominal Christian environment, yet they have no association with any church or doctrinal faith whatsoever; 2) those who actively practice a pseudo form of Christianity and attend a church that is not biblical; and 3) those who say they accept biblical authority yet still practice astrology. However; one cannot logically hold to both Christianity and astrology. …

But the arguments of Christian astrologers never address these six important issues: 1) Can astrology really be separated from its occult connections? 2) Are the basic premises and principles of astrology scientifically accurate? 3) Can it be said that astrology is in any sense concerned with moral principles? 4) Does Scripture really justify the practice of astrology for any purpose? 5) What are the unforeseen risks or consequences of practicing astrology? and 6) Why would God forbid astrology if it were really so helpful? After all, would God totally condemn any practice if it were even slightly good?

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Astrology.


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