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Fact a Day: November 16th

The Facts on Psychic Readings (Harvest House, 1997) p. 6


What is a psychic and what are psychic readings?


Put simply, a psychic is a person who uses occult, supernatural abilities for a variety of purposes. A psychic reading is the use of an individual’s psychic abilities to supply occult information to oneself or a client. The Oxford American Dictionary supplies the adjective definition of “psychic” as “concerned with processes that seem to be outside physical or natural laws, having or involving extrasensory perception or occult powers.” Psychic as a noun is defined as “a person apparently susceptible to psychic influence, a medium. The Macmillan Dictionary for Students defines a psychic as “one who is sensitive to extrasensory; non-physical or supernatural influences or forces.”*

In other words, a psychic is someone fundamentally connected to the supernatural world of the occult and psychic readings are connected to some method of divination.

Although many people today define the term psychic in its psychological sense, “of the soul or mind” and interpret psychic abilities as a natural potential within all people, we will show why we think it is best to reject this approach. We believe the genuine psychics and psychic readings deal more in the realm of the supernatural and the miraculous, not the natural and the psychological.

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Psychic Readings.


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