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Fact a Day: November 18th

The Facts on Psychic Readings (Harvest House, 1997), pp. 8-9


Aren’t psychic hotlines just cleverly marketed schemes to get people’s money?


While psychic infomercials provide the standard disclaimer that their service is “for entertainment purposes only,” no one should fail to recognize that PFN [Psychic Friends Network] and, apparently, most the other major infomercials do seek to hire genuine psychics for their hotlines. Because psychics are so plentiful today, there is little reason to employ frauds. Robert Hoffman, the senior vice-president for Inphomation claims that the psychics on PFN are carefully selected and extensively screened by other psychics so that 80 percent of the applicants are rejected.* Peter Stolz, a PFN manager says, “the people who work on the hotline must try to do their divinations by some supernatural means, be it astrology; Tarot cards, or raw psychic power.”* Further, that real psychics are, in fact, frequently spiritists, is illustrated by Kenna Akash, a trance channeler who channels the spirit “Rojdnan.” “Kenna used to work with The Psychic Friends Network, the one you see on television with Dionne Warwick. She gave psychic readings for them, and she now does psychic readings for her own phone line. She has always given personal readings in person or by telephone, with her readings being influenced by Rojdnan.”*

Of course, none of this is proof that the average caller to a given hotline will get a real psychic or that their psychic powers will be operating successfully at the time of the call; the truth is that psychic powers aren’t that reliable.

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Psychic Readings.


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