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Fact a Day: April 25th

The Facts on Islam (Harvest House, rev. 1998), p. 27


Does the Koran deny the Bible?


Everyone who carefully and impartially reads both the Bible and the Koran must agree that, as they both stand, the Koran and the Bible contradict one another on every major religious doctrine: the nature of God, Jesus, salvation, man, Scripture, etc. If the New Testament was not corrupted, as we will prove, then how could Allah be the inspiration behind both the Bible and the Koran which contradicts it? This would force us to conclude that God’s revelations are contradictory—and therefore useless. Consider the following chart which we have already documented in Section II:


The Koran The Bible
God unitarian trinitarian
Jesus a man God incarnate
Salvation by works; uncertain by grace; assured




Again, if the manuscript evidence forces us to conclude the Bible has not been corrupted, there is only one conclusion a Muslim can logically reach. If Allah really inspired both the Bible and the Koran, then he contradicts himself to such an extent that it is impossible to ascertain his teachings or will for men.

Muslims respond by saying that the Bible has been corrupted and, therefore, its present teachings are untrustworthy. Only the Koran is pure and uncorrupted. But this argument is indefensible on historic, textual and even Koranic grounds…..


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