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Fact a Day: August 17th

The Facts on the Mind Sciences (Harvest House, 1993), p. 5


What are Mind Sciences, and what do they believe?


The term “Mind Sciences” refers to a large number of groups which stress that the mind has special powers available to anyone who will apply the teachings of these groups. In general, the Mind Sciences believe that the mind of man is innately divine because man, in his true nature, is one essence with God. Therefore, the true mind of man is literally the mind of God expressed on an individual level.

What is God? God is everything. God is characteristically held to be some form of pantheistic, impersonal divine consciousness that functions by cosmic law—and that may also be personified. By following the teachings of the Mind Sciences, it is claimed that the individual mind is brought into harmony with Divine Mind or cosmic law, unleashing the mind’s innate powers.

Most Mind Sciences teach a belief called monism, that everything consists of or is reducible to one substance. There is only One True Power in the universe (Divine Consciousness or God) and that this omnipresent Power alone comprises true Reality. It is the essence of all Goodness. Thus, in its true nature, everything in the world is already divine and perfect. Further, since only divine perfection exists, any contrary perception must be the result of mental error. Evil, suffering, war, crime, disease, disharmony, etc., simply have no reality in Divine Mind; they are the products of mental “illusions” or false perception. The purpose of the Mind Sciences is to correct these mental aberrations so that people can see and live the divine perfection that is their spiritual birthright.


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