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Fact a Day: August 20th

The Facts on the Mind Sciences (Harvest House, 1993), pp. 12-13


What is Christian Science?


Christian Science is the abstruse brainchild of Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) who stressed the metaphysical “truth” of the illusion of everything but God (Divine Mind) and the importance of “divine” healing through mental affirmation. In her characteristically obscurantist manner, she attempted to distill the essence of her philosophy as follows:

The fundamental propositions of divine metaphysics are summarized in the four following, to me, self-evident propositions:

1. God is All-in-all. [Only God exists.]

2. God is good. Good is mind.

3. God, Spirit, being all, [means that therefore] nothing is matter [i.e., matter is an illusion].

4. Life, God, omnipotent good, deny [the reality of] death, evil, sin, disease.*

Thus, the central premise of Christian Science is the monistic idea that only God is real. Thus, “Spirit…is the only Life.”* Further, because “divine Mind is all there is,” and since it is already defined as the “all good,” everything else—everything that is not Divine Mind or “all good”—is an illusion or “evil.”* Thus, any belief that something exists as a power or reality apart from God and good is a belief in error.

*For documentation see The Facts on the Mind Sciences


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