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Fact a Day: August 21st

The Facts on the Mind Sciences (Harvest House, 1993), pp. 14-15


What is New Thought?

New Thought is an umbrella designation covering hundreds of churches and organizations in the International New Thought Alliance, plus hundreds more outside it. New Thought organizations include names such as The Center for Positive Living, Association of Creative Thought, Golden Key Ministry, Church of Christian Philosophy, Teaching of the Inner Christ, Association of Progressive Christianity, Metaphysical Bible Institute, Church of Universal Truth, Unity of the Infinite Presence, Christ Haven Center, Church of the Healing Christ, All Faith’s Church, Foundation of Living, Esoteric Truth Center, The Science of Awareness, Symphony of Life Association, Christ’s Circle for Better Living, Sanctuary of Light Church, Center for New Age Living, Truth Temple, and Center for Positive Prayer.

In general, the basic philosophy of New Thought may be distilled as follows:

1. God is One divine essence or divine law, the only Reality, and man is part of that Reality.

2. The true nature of life is divine perfection. The world is not necessarily an illusion, but its true nature is divine. Thus, all things are perfect, even though the “unenlightened” do not yet realize this truth and continue to falsely perceive the imperfections around them.

3. Thought is capable of creative power and is the central goal of “higher” consciousness. Man’s mind can be omnipotent since man’s true mind is one essence with God or Divine Mind. Potentially, all men can control their lives and environment since their own consciousness is ultimately the cause of their experience and condition in life. Thus, to alter consciousness is to alter life conditions.

4. Personal success is realized by achieving (recognizing) one’s already existing wealth, health, happiness, love, fulfillment, etc.

It should be emphasized that because there is no “official” New Thought doctrine, there may be slight variations among New Thought beliefs on a given issue. Still, the basic philosophy we’ve outlined is representative.


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