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Fact a Day: August 22nd

The Facts on the Mind Sciences (Harvest House, 1993), pp. 16-17


What is Divine Science?


Divine Science was founded by the Brooks sisters—Nona, Aletha, and Fannie—who were influenced by the famous New Thought teacher and psychic healer/mystic Emma Curtis Hopkins, a former Christian Scientist practitioner. Divine Science has similarities both to Christian Science and Religious Science. It stresses the proper awareness of God or “Good” as a means to counter life’s problems. Four of the 14 “essential truths” of Divine Science include:

1) God is Spirit Omnipresent: The One Perfect Mind…. 7) There is but One Presence and Power in all the universe—the Good Omnipotent…. 9) Spirit is the Substance of all form. It is the Only Substance. The One Perfect Mind and It manifests ALL there is…. 13) to know the Truth of my being, I must turn to my Source, which is Perfect.*

Although Divine Science claims to be Christian and that it stresses “Jesus’ idea of salvation,” this is not the case.* For example, we find a false view of Jesus Christ. The man Jesus attained “Christhood” by His knowledge and proper use of divine laws through metaphysical thinking. The “Christ” is the divine essence of man’s true nature. As such, Jesus was only a man like all men who achieved what all of us have the potential to achieve.* Thus, “Jesus attained His Christhood by recognizing and by being true to the divine nature of the Christ. Jesus became Christ Jesus, because He completely accepted the truth that the Christ is the universal divine nature of mankind, the image of God, the true Self of every man.”*

*For documentation see The Facts on the Mind Sciences


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