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Fact a Day: August 24th

The Facts on the Mind Sciences (Harvest House, 1993), pp. 19-20


What is Silva Mind Control?


Silva Mind Control (SMC) was founded by Jose Silva with a goal to help people expand the powers of their mind and solve the problems on earth through psychic development. SMC claims to represent the next phase of human evolution on our planet. Some eight million people around the world, including many celebrities, have been through Silva Mind Control, and many of them have encountered actual spirit guides in the process. SMC graduates have gone on to found several New Age or Mind Science seminars including est/The Forum (Werner Erhard) and Mind Dynamics (Alex Everett).

Jose Silva claims to be a Christian (he is Roman Catholic), and also believes that there is nothing in Silva Mind Control inconsistent with Christian faith. Nevertheless, his background in spiritism, mediumism, hypnosis, the Rosicrucians, and other occultism indicates that he is not a Christian but an occultist.* In fact, Silva claims he has been psychic since childhood, and confesses he developed Silva Mind Control through the help of one of his spirit guides.* Thus, the spiritism of both Mr. Silva and Silva Mind Control show SMC cannot be a Christian organization (see Deut. 18:9-12).

Silva Mind Control claims it is not an occult organization. But it admits it attempts to develop people psychically and enables them to contact inner advisors or “spirit guides.” It claims it has no theology, but it has a distinctive worldview and theology that are clearly not Christian.

Silva believes that all men can solve their problems—and usher in a millennium—by using their psychic powers. He even stresses that people should not rely on something like the atoning death of Christ to forgive their sins because they must learn to forgive their own sins.

*For documentation see The Facts on the Mind Sciences


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