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Fact a Day: December 15th

The Facts on Angels (Harvest House, 1995) p. 34


What do the popular angels teach about ethics and the new morality?


The morality offered by the popular angels is consistent with that found in the occult in general—a self-generated morality achieved through “higher” consciousness that allows one to justify everything and to live any way one wishes. Those “angels” encourage this by endorsing such things as free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism, adultery, abortion, divorce, and virtually every moral lapse. Some angels endorse these behaviors in the name of a “proper” understanding of certain spiritual truths: that one must move beyond good and evil to comprehend the underlying unity of creation, or that God encompasses both good and evil within His own being.*

Obviously, if the “higher” consciousness lies beyond the categories of good and evil and if God Himself encompasses both, it’s going to be difficult to sort things out ethically. In the end, selfishness, hedonism, and sensuality win the day: “Morality… involves making choices that are best for you”* and “Most of all, the angels want to encourage you to have fun, be wild…. The angels are attracted to free spirits who aren’t afraid of being themselves, even if the bulk of society can’t seem to understand them…. Our imperfections makes us interesting…. It is okay to make mistakes or to be ‘wrong.”’*

We are also told to abandon our preexisting religious beliefs and the rules that come with them because they are far too restricting.* In fact, even deliberately practiced evil is said to become a means to spiritual enlightenment.*

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Angels.


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