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Fact a Day: December 16th

The Facts on Angels (Harvest House, 1995) pp. 40-41


What about popular angels and other important methods of spiritual deception?


We think that the true reason demons are impersonating godly angels today is not only for purposes of spiritual deception, theologically and philosophically, but also so that the demons can more easily possess people in the guise of higher consciousness and “profound” angelic contact. To do this, the angels must establish implicit trust with their human contacts. One way is by seeming to appear in a different nature and context than spirits that are traditionally deemed evil, or at least questionable, such as ghosts or poltergeists or seance spirits of the dead—allegedly confused, “earthbound” spirits. For example, A Book of Angels tells us that “when a spirit enters a room, you feel a chill… when it touches you or when its body passes through you, you feel an arctic cold… But angels are different, and no one who has seen an angel ever mistakes it for a ghost. Angels are remarkable for their warmth and light… You are flooded with laughter, happiness…. Angels give aid, or bring messages of hope, but what they do not is wander earth bound, like the lonely spirits who are dead.* (What proves this idea false is that there are many cases in modern channeling where the spirits act in the positive manner described, and yet we know these spirits are demons by the very messages they give.)

Another deception is for the demons to be as kind, loving, protective, and humorous as possible in order to throw people off guard. “The angels love us always”; “I know that the angels are taking good care of my soul”; “Angels are truly everywhere—kind beings who only want to help and to love us”’ “We, your angelic teachers… [promise] you are held eternally in divine love”; “We, your angelic teachers, ask you to accept that… your long-term best interest are always being considered.”*

Such deceptions can only be true reflections of the demons’ hatred for human beings.

By appealing to human naivete and the baser instincts in the guise of wonderful spiritual guidance, heaven, and enlightenment, demons are able to get people exactly where they want them.

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Angels.


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