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Fact a Day: December 7th

The Facts on Angels (Harvest House, 1995), p. 17


What does it mean for us today that Satan and his demons were once holy angels who fell from their heavenly position of glory?


The biblical truth that some angels are now evil beings means that spiritual discernment is not a luxury but a necessity today. In an era of worldwide occult revival, no one should attempt the phenomenon of “contacting angels,” “channeling angels,” developing “angel consciousness,” or the like. All these are merely ruses by the fallen evil angels (demons) to hide their true purposes.

How do we know the popular angels are not who they claim to be? Because the angels who remained faithful to God are holy and godly in their behavior; the entities behind the modern angelic revelations are neither. Godly angels glorify Christ and do not give revelations contrary to Scripture as the popular angels do. Biblical angels characteristically operate “behind the scenes.” The popular angels are more than willing to operate in the open, and to communicate in spiritistic fashion. The end result of the actions of godly angels will bring honor to God; for evil angels, it will result in spiritual deception.*

In essence, good angels do their job and then vanish. They never stick around in the occult tradition of spirit guides or give messages that run contrary to scriptural doctrine or ethics.

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Angels.


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