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Fact a Day: February 15th

The Facts on The Faith Movement (Harvest House, 1993) p. 8-9

What are the basic teachings of the Faith Movement?

Consider the following brief description of Faith beliefs:

God: A supernatural being who operates by spiritual law and who can be influenced by men and women to accomplish their desires. The God of the Faith Movement not only reveals Prosperity doctrine supernaturally to Prosperity teachers, but He also personally and verbally confirms the Faith teachers’ unique interpretations of Scripture.*

Jesus: God’s Son who came to earth to deliver man from sin, sickness, failure, and poverty. He went to hell where, some say, He was tormented by demons and born again to show us the “Faith” way. He continues to supernaturally and personally reveal the Faith message to leading Faith teachers.

Faith: A spiritual force or power that can control the creation, command angels, influence the future, and even manipulate God.

The Bible: A book that contains words of divine power which, to be properly understood, must be reinterpreted in light of the principles of the Faith Movement. The Bible is God’s “Book of Success.”*

Salvation: Salvation is seen in its traditional sense, but further as a higher form of spiritual life where men realize they belong in the “God class” and thus become workers of the supernatural. This secret knowledge of salvation is provided by the Faith teachers themselves.

Man: A potential god.

Sanctification: Spiritual growth in knowledge of the God who offers health, wealth, success, personal peace, happiness, and the ability to do greater miracles than Jesus.

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on The Faith Movement.


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