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Fact a Day: February 21st

The Facts on The Faith Movement (Harvest House, 1993) p. 17

What is faith?

Faith, like love, is both simple and complex. Therefore, it can be difficult to explain or easily misunderstood. The irony of the Faith Movement is that the faith it stresses is not biblical faith. What is faith? In essence, faith is simply trust. We all know what trust is: a boy with his father, a patient with his/her physician, a friend with a friend, etc. Thus, we may define faith as a loving self-commitment towards and trust in God, leading to personal surrender to Him in all affairs of life and appropriate conduct inspired by this surrender. In the New Testament the most characteristic construction of the verb pisteuein (faith) denotes “an absolute transference of trust from ourselves to another, a complete self-surrender to God.”* Despite what the Faith teachers claim, however, power does not reside in faith; it resides in God who sovereignly blesses a believer’s faith according to His purposes (Psalm 62:11): “Whatever the Lord pleases, He does, in heaven and in earth…” (Psalm 135:6); “But our God is in the heavens; He does whatever He pleases” (Psalm 115:3). This is the basic problem with the Faith Movement—not that its adherents lack faith, but that their faith is often misplaced or inaccurately applied. For example, they may stress “having faith in their faith” more than trusting in God. As Charles Spurgeon stated in All of Grace, “Faith is not blind—it begins with knowledge; it is not speculative—it believes facts of which it is certain are true—it is not unpractical or romantic—faith trusts wholly and stakes its very destiny on the truth of revelation.”* *For full documentation, please see The Facts on The Faith Movement.


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