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Fact a Day: January 19th

The Facts on Abortion (Harvest House, 1995) pp. 12-13

Isn’t the fetus merely part of the mother’s body?

Biologically, it is a scientific fact that in pregnancy there are two different bodies. First, there is the body of the woman. Second, there is another body—that of the child.

Evidence that there are two separate bodies can be seen from the fact that many women carry babies whose blood type differs from their own. It is medically impossible for a single individual to have two completely different blood types. Another illustration is that a female may be carrying in her womb a male child. This is clearly another body.

In addition, the body of the mother herself recognizes the child as a foreign body. This child would actually be rejected as “foreign tissue” by the woman’s body were it not for the protection of the placenta. Doctors tell us that the placenta does not exist until, by its own development, the unborn child triggers the existence of the placenta and places it under his or her own power for self-preservation. In fact, the zygote actually begins to form the placenta within 72 hours.

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Abortion.


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