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Fact a Day: January 20th

The Facts on Abortion (Harvest House, 1995) pp. 14-15

Isn’t the fetus merely part of the mother’s body (con’t)?

Pro-choice advocates argue, “Every woman has the right to control her own body.”

Every woman does have the right to control her own body, but she does not have the right to control the destiny of another human being—the baby in her womb. Let’s examine the words used in the slogan.*

Every woman—At least 50 percent of the babies that are aborted are female human beings. Obviously, then, this slogan is not true for all of these aborted females…. In fact, this slogan advocates the elitism of the powerful over the powerless rather than equality for all women….

Has the right—Legally, no one has absolute rights over other people. Human life is interrelated in such a way that many individual rights are necessarily curtailed for the welfare of society. For example, no female or male has the absolute right over his or her own body to mutilate it, to abuse it with drugs, to commit suicide, or to endanger the life of others. The same is true concerning human life in the womb. No one has the right to destroy it.

To control—To be “in control” involves the assuming of personal responsibility. But, in fact, it is largely irresponsible actions (e.g., promiscuity) that have led to most pregnancies [that are aborted]. …

Her own body—As has already been demonstrated, the fetus is not the mother’s body. It is an independent person with its own body. This is why Daniel Callahan, director of the Institute of Society, Ethics and the Life Sciences, has stated, “Genetically, hormonally, and in all organic respects save for the source of its nourishment, a fetus and even an embryo is separate from the woman.”*

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Abortion.


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