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Fact a Day: January 22nd

The Facts on Abortion (Harvest House, 1995) pp. 18-19

What really happens during an abortion?


When an abortion occurs in the first 12 weeks, as most do, the baby is still small enough to be vacuumed out of the womb by a powerful suction machine—one with almost 25 times the force of a household vacuum cleaner.* In this method, known as suction curettage, the force of the vacuum literally tears or wrenches the child apart, limb by limb, until all that remains is the tiny little head. In any abortion the infant’s head is too large to come through the suction tube itself, so the abortionist inserts forceps into the uterus. He uses these to grab the free-floating head, which he then crushes to a small enough size to fit into a suction tube. Then it, too, is removed.*

Dr. Nathanson describes this process, noting, “The baby is simply chopped up and pulled through the suction machine and emerges as just a pile of chopped meat.”*

As the suction tube is rotated within the womb, the membrane and fluid surrounding the fetus are quickly sucked away and the little being himself is soon torn apart. Finally the placenta, which is well connected to the lining of the uterus, is pulled away. One manual of instruction describes this phase of the abortion: “At any point that material is felt to be flowing into the tube, motion is stopped until the flow stops. Then the slow up and down gradual rotation pattern is continued. Blood-tinged fluid and bits of pink tissue will be seen flowing through the plastic tubing during the entire suction curettage.”*

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Abortion.


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