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Fact a Day: January 29th

The Facts on Abortion (Harvest House, 1995) pp. 34-35

What does the Bible teach about abortion?

[Many] Scriptures…indicate that God does not make a distinction between potential life and real life, or in delineating stages of personhood—namely, between a pre-born infant in the womb at any stage and a born infant or child. The Scripture repeatedly assumes the continuity of a person from conception to adulthood. In fact, no separate word is used exclusively of the pre-born that will permit it to be distinguished from an infant as far as its personhood and value are concerned.

Further, God Himself relates to the unborn as persons. In Psalm 139:16 the Psalmist says concerning God, “Your eyes saw my unformed body.” The writer used the word golem, translated as “body” or “substance,” to describe himself while he was in the womb. He uses this term to refer to God’s personal care for him even during the first part of the embryonic state (from implantation up to the first few weeks), the state before the fetus is physically “formed” into a miniature human being. We know that the embryo is “unformed” for only four or five weeks. In other words, even in the “unformed body” stage of gestation (0-4 weeks), God says that He is caring for and molding a child (Psalm 139:13-16).

Other Scriptures also indicate that God relates to the fetus as a person. Job 31:15 says, “Did not he who made me in the womb make them? Did not the same one form us both within our mothers?”…


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