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Fact a Day: November 14th

(Harvest House, 1995), p. 33


What Are Codependency and Recovery?


Codependency and recovery deal with the themes of alleged addictions—of being addicted to destructive behaviors (alcohol abuse, sex, gambling) or of being hurt by “addictive” or abusive relationships, whether in childhood or adulthood. The terms may refer to being controlled or “dependent” upon the opinions of others or of ourselves trying to control others whom we unconsciously “victimize.” Thus one seeks “recovery” from the pain of addictive behaviors and unhealthy dependency in relationships.

Basically the recovery movement evolved out of Alcoholics Anonymous, which defended the concept of alcoholism as a disease. Initially, codependency referred to the dependency problems of people married to alcoholics. But this view, modified through interaction with modern psychology; now applies to virtually any problem associated with any addiction suffered by a person or someone close to him or her.* Thus codependency is now a disease (a quite popular disease) that is blamed for all sorts of problems, from alcoholism and drug abuse, to child abuse and low self-esteem, to anorexia and compulsive gambling. Whatever persistent problem one may have, it is really a disease requiring medicine, not a moral choice requiring repentance.

*For full documentation please see The Facts on Self-Esteem, Psychology and the Recovery Movement.


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