Fact a Day: November 9th - Ankerberg Theological Research Institute, John Ankerberg Show

Fact a Day: November 9th

(Harvest House, 1995), p. 16


Is Psychotherapy Necessary or Effective?


The reason so many people seek therapy today is because there really is something wrong with them. Biblically, we know that the fundamental problem with mankind is sin and alienation from God, and that this condition can produce all kinds of symptoms and difficulties in people’s lives—isolation, unhappiness, depression, inner conflict, anger, anxiety, etc. Such difficulties can in turn lead to sexual immorality, hedonism, divorce, substance abuse, etc. Many people live in pain today because they will not listen to God but instead pursue activities that are counterproductive or self-destructive.

But do people really need psychotherapy in order to deal effectively with their problems? Psychotherapists certainly think so. As Dr. Szasz comments, “In more than twenty years of psychiatric work, I have never known a clinical psychologist to report, on the basis of a projective test, that the subject was a ‘normal, mentally healthy person.’… There is no behavior or person that a modern psychiatrist cannot plausibly diagnose as abnormal or ill.”*

*For full documentation please see The Facts on Self-Esteem, Psychology and the Recovery Movement.


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