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Fact a Day: October 10th

The Facts on Halloween (Harvest House, 1996), pp. 18-19

What biblical principles apply for discerning this issue? (con’t)


Second, we must carefully evaluate the circumstances involved, as well as allow and respect the differences of opinion on this subject. The apostle Paul’s discussion of circumstantial prohibition, individual conscience, and personal conviction in 1 Corinthians 10:18-29, Romans 14:1-13, and elsewhere is to the point.

In his own time, the apostle Paul knew that eating food—even food previously sacrificed to pagan idols—had no spiritual significance in itself. But there were also times when such food was to be avoided. When a Christian actually ate food at a pagan temple, food that was just offered in sacrifice and worship to pagan gods—gods that were really demons—the apostle prohibited this because of the unavoidable direct associations and implications. To eat such food was to also be involved in the worship of pagan gods and, hence, idolatrous, a violation of the first and second commandments.

Also, whenever a Christian did something in the presence of a weaker brother that caused him to stumble, Paul prohibited this. Over the next few days, we will examine Paul’s teachings.


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