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Fact a Day: October 12th

The Facts on Halloween (Harvest House, 1996), pp. 19-20


What biblical principles apply for discerning this issue? (con’t)


The Scripture is clear that there is only one true God (See Isaiah 44:6,8; 46:9). So, it is logical to conclude there is only one true religion. Therefore Scripture is correct when it declares “all the gods of the nations are idols” (Psalm 96:5). Further, if Scripture teaches that the spiritual power and reality behind idols involves demons (1 Cor. 10:20; Psalm 106:37), then all idolatry and all false religion are by definition involved in demon worship—whether the participants realize it or not (Acts 26:18). Hence Paul’s concern.

But the apostle Paul argues that it was another thing entirely to eat meat sacrificed to idols after it had been brought to the marketplace and purchased. For those mature in the faith, such meat had no spiritual significance. Only when someone was present whose conscience was violated because he could not eat such meat in faith was there a legitimate issue to be decided. At this point, we are to defer to that person and not stand in judgment upon him.

Thus, in the second part of Paul’s argument in 1 Corinthians 10:23-29, his concern is that we not violate the conscience of a weaker brother or sister and therefore cause them to sin in their own mind.


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