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Fact a Day: October 15th

The Facts on Halloween (Harvest House, 1996), pp. 22-23


What are some Halloween alternatives?


There are many positive alternatives to Halloween. No child should feel left out because his parents don’t want him to participate in the traditional observances. Many churches have alternative activities on Halloween night such as “carnivals” and youth parties. Halloween may also be made into a special family get-together of a party and games at home. At church or home, individuals may come dressed as either Bible characters or important individuals in church history, American history, and so on. You may also have a special time of prayer during the party where youth are encouraged to pray for their friends at school, their families, or even for people involved in the occult on this day, so they, too, might find salvation. Pray also that God will stop what is already a highly consequential occult revival in our land.

And certainly, for the children who come knocking at the door, parents might wish to give, in addition to candy, a briefly written age-appropriate message on salvation—especially if it has been creatively written to tie in to the season. [Many Christian bookstores carry or may be able to order, Halloween-appropriate tracts.] Halloween can be both a fun time and spiritually productive for all concerned.


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