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Fact a Day: October 21st

The Facts on The Occult (Harvest House, 1991), p. 14


Do all men have natural psychic ability or are psychic abilities mediated through spiritistic (demonic) power?


The bottom line is this: Wherever psychic powers are found, the spirit world is also found. Further, apart from these spirit beings, those with psychic abilities claim they are powerless. What this tells us is that the only way psychic powers are generated is through some involvement with the spirit world, and that all men do not have the natural capacity for such abilities. If psychic powers were truly a human capacity, anyone could develop them. But again, the only people who develop such abilities are occultists who, through their occult practices, come into contact with the spirit world. As the vast majority of people have never developed these powers, it is not logical to think such powers constitute a “natural” human potential lying dormant within the race.

Consider the comments of Danny Korem, a world class stage magician who has investigated or exposed a number of leading psychics. Responding to the question, “Do humans actually possess psychic powers?” he replied:

If you mean by psychic abilities things the mind can do in and of its own ability, I say it’s not possible. That’s what you find when you investigate case after case after case. Tens of millions of dollars have been spent on research in this area and there has never been a verifiable demonstration of human psychic power.*

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on The Occult.


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