Fact a Day: October 22nd - Ankerberg Theological Research Institute, John Ankerberg Show

Fact a Day: October 22nd

The Facts on The Occult (Harvest House, 1991), p. 15


What does the Bible say about the devil?


The Bible has a great deal to say about Satan or the devil. The devil is seen to be an apostate angel who fell from heaven (Luke 10:18; Jude 6; Rev. 12:9). He is called the “tempter” (1 Thess. 3:5), “wicked,” and “evil” (Matt. 6:13; 13:19), the “god of this world” (2 Cor. 4:4), the “prince of this world” (John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11), “dragon,” “serpent,” (Rev. 12:9; 20:2), and a “liar” and “murderer” (John 8:44).

Further, the Bible asserts that Satan has a kingdom (Matthew 12:26) which is hostile to Christ’s kingdom (Matt. 16:18; Luke 11:18), and that he rules a realm of demons or evil spirits (Matt. 9:34). He deceives the whole world (Rev. 12:9; 13:14), works in the children of disobedience (Eph. 2:2), worked even among the apostles (Matt. 16:23; Luke 22:31; John 13:2), and opposes the people of God (1 Chron. 21:1; Zech. 3:2; Acts 5:3; 2 Cor. 2:11; 1 Thess. 2:18). He even tried to gain the worship of God Himself in the person of Christ, an act suggestive of his mental imbalance, if not insanity (Mark 1:13; Matt. 4:1-10).

Scripture does acknowledge there is genuine power in the occult (Isa. 47:9), but it is to be avoided because it is demonic power (Matt. 24:24; Acts 8:7; 13:6-11; 16:16-19; 19:18-20; 2 Cor. 4:4; 2 Tim. 3:8).


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