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Fact a Day: September 21st

The Facts on Near-Death Experiences (Harvest House, 1996) pp. 17-18


What are some theological consequences of the NDE and its popular interpretation?


Sufficient research has not been done to declare that the “average” NDE always conveys a specific religious or philosophical message. If current NDE research is metaphysically biased then certain deficiencies exist in the common interpretation of NDEs. However, this is hardly to say that the common interpretation is always wrong or rarely reflects what people experience, only that those who experience it may be fewer than supposed. Given this caveat, let’s proceed to a brief analysis of the implications of the NDE as commonly communicated. NDE researchers would probably agree with NDEr and NDE researcher P. M. H. Atwater when she writes, “Most [NDErs] fall head over heels in love with God….they were bathed in God, immersed in God, filled to overflowing with God; and they return convinced of God….They know God is.”*

Unfortunately, in many cases the NDE experience itself and the message(s) conveyed turn people away from God, as well as Jesus Christ, Christian doctrines, and the Bible.

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Near-Death Experiences.


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