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She needs God's Help

"Please send peace of mind, guidance and financial help to my youngest daughter, whose husband decided to change his sex after 6 years of marriage and divorce her. He already is putting the house up for sale and doesn't want to split the proceeds as is normal in our state, because he wants to use it for his sex change procedures. He never let her work because he was jealous and so she has no job, either, although now she is looking. She has no transportation because he didn't want her to have the opportunity to make friends, (he would not let her fix her car) also because of his jealousy. Please God, in the name of Your wonderful son Jesus, help her with all her trials and tribulations in this, which were not her doing. Help her find employment, transportation, and fairness in the divorce proceedings, and help her find a suitable mate, for she has great capacity to love. Thank you Lord!"

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