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We are asking the Lord for His wisdom in knowing what to do and how to do it. BACKGROUND: Carol's daughter and her family live in Merriam Woods. Her son-in-law has experienced frequent job changes, yet appears to have settled into a position in Forsyth (such is our prayer). They receive social services benefits for the three boys. One (age 9) has been a bit behind the curve in social/emotional development. The oldest at 18 has been dealing with Asberger's, but glory to God used to have full-blown autism. He graduated high school, yet is discouraged in his search for summer employment. In the fall he will be taking a degree course in computer animation. The middle boy at 15 has been almost totally uncommunicative with moderate to full-blown autism. He is not permitted back in school, due to a tendency toward becoming physically violent. He has hurt his mother twice, once throwing her to the floor. We pray daily for his deliverance and healing. Julie is a bit of a hero to us for the strength she has shown over the years all the way back to when her first husband tried to kill a family friend and his own son. However, we can tell the strain has taken a hard toll on her.

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