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Lilly Joy Newborn (Friends of my sister)

Parents: Brandon Wentzel is with Abbie Harkson Wentzel. Yesterday 7/11/18 at 12:23 AM · UPDATE: Lilly Joy made it through the day. Thank you Jesus! She is still a very sick little baby. Twice today it sounded like she had hours to live. Pray she makes it through the night! Each breath is supported. Pray she begins to clot blood more effectively on her own. Pray that the Ph level of her blood continues to improve. She still needs a miracle and will have a long road of next steps, but we believe God will show up! God will continue to make a way when there seems to be no way. The love and prayers of so many is overwhelming, humbling, and so cool! Abbie and I and our families have been here and feel peace despite the pain. We trust God completely with her little life. We are believing that she will be healed! She will be made well! Keep praying! Thank you for joining in with us as we humbly place our precious daughter at the feet of Jesus! We love you Lilly Joy! _________________________________ Abbie Harkson Wentzel Yesterday 7/11/18 at 9:28 AM Lilly update: It’s overwhelming the amount of information we are taking in, and even more overwhelming to try and interpret and relay it to all of you who are so graciously praying and crying out to God on Lilly’s behalf. Here is my attempt at an update. Please pray very specifically and boldly with expectation for miraculous improvement today. She needs to turn this next corner! This morning we learned her blood clotting ability has improved—a direct answer to prayer! Her blood profusion, however is not great and so we pray for improvement there. On a neurological front, the ultrasound and monitoring is showing damage and Lilly’s reflexes and responsiveness are not looking good. They have just taken her off of morphine to see if there is an improvement in her wakefulness and reflexes/responses. Pray for that brain!!! There is hope here. Lilly’s other organs are remaining relatively stable. She is producing urine well, her heart, kidneys and oxygen look pretty good. However, there has been trauma to her kidneys and liver for sure, and we just pray healing over those vital organs. Lilly’s pH levels have improved, but we still need to see more improvement (she still is in/ has lactic acidosis). We need to see more improvement here. Lab results were just drawn at 9 am, so we should know more in 4 or so hours. We are watching to see if she shows more responsiveness in the mean time. There have been preliminary conversations about next steps should things improve or not improve. At this point our greatest prayer is STEADY IMPROVEMENT. If all this info is as overwhelming to you as it is to me, just ask God for that—improvement! Ask that Lilly’s body will fight back. Pray for us for wisdom as we face the next steps.... I found this illustration last night and feel like it’s such a depiction of Lilly’s situation. Born so innocent and dependent, facing the worst of it right now, but not alone. We believe the Good Shepard will carry her through this. We don’t know the ultimate outcome, but we ask God for his mercy. We want to know our daughter in the worst way. We are so desperate for God’s intervention here! Pray for our hearts as well. It’s such a strange thing believing in hope, but also preparing the heart for the difficult potential outcomes. I am broken. I don’t know how to do that. I am totally trusting God to carry Brandon and I through whatever is ahead. I have already seen him do it—and we are so uplifted by all of your prayers. They are sustaining us! “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” Isaiah 43:2 ___________________________________ Brandon Wentzel Yesterday at 2:41 PM · The ECMO surgery went well! Praise God! Now we really need to pray that it speeds up her healing process and that she doesn’t have any bleeding or clots. Pray her whole body would recover and begin to heal and fight the infection. She still has a long way to go! Step by step she WILL be healed! ____________________________________ Brandon Wentzel 29 mins - 7/12/18 4:01· We need her to respond now and stop needing the blood pressure medication increases very soon! Now is her time to fight! It’s critical!

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