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Prayers for the Lord's protection

Please, I need prayers for spiritual protection. God has put a project on my heart, 4 years ago. I have been slowly working on it since then, and a few days ago, I published a call for recruiters. Then, I dreamed about a heinous figure who said in an angry voice, among other things, about my project: "And now, she has called for volunteers...". There was so much hatred emanating from that figure, I felt it 3 times as if that person was in my room. I made a quick prayer about the power of the blood of the Lord Jesus, and the rest of my sleep was peaceful. I have a calling to teach and empower young people. Yet, I can't seem to walk successfully in it. I have recurrent dreams of being attacked, and when I try to open my mouth and fight with the Word of the Lord, nothing comes from my mouth. I manage to overcome my enemies by praying in my heart, but they prevent me from opening my mouth. In one dream, I was so pissed from feeling gagged that I forced open my mouth and put my hand in my throat. I pulled a long white shroud from inside me. I am now familiar with spiritual warfare. There are battles you can win alone but this one, I need prayer warriors to pray with me against these forces because I am not giving up on what God has called me to do. There is NO WAY I'm throwing in the towel. THANK YOU!

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