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urgent prayers

I write to ask you for prayer. Will you pray for these prayer requests? (1) for God to intervene in the events and elections in the USA and give unlimited grace to the USA and world. And pray God will do the same with Argentina’s 2019 elections and crumbling economy. Pray that those who would actively oppose God’s will do not get elected. (2) pray God will send the Holy Spirit upon all in the global media and the tech world, and save many of their souls. Pray that every time they lie and seek to undermine God and His will, that they will fail in this and that the truth will come out, in grace to all. Pray God will not allow them to have power or influence over the people to advance lies, division, deception or evil. Pray God will cause the masses to be protected from and to also to see what the media is trying to do and not to yield to the unholy desires of the media (3) pray for true, immediate, unstoppable and endless repentance, Pentecostal Awakening, Pentecostal Revival will come to THE CHURCH and all of the other people too of the USA, Argentina, Islas Malvinas, N., C. and S. America and the world, NOW and without end. Pray God will deliver the people who are the church from the misleadings and wrong focus of those who do not have the Spirit, and pray God will put an urgency upon every Christian to stop the status quo and bear down in intense committed prayer, not just for a season, but for life. Pray the churches will be houses of prayer and that everyone and everything that is opposing this and blocking it will lose their power to do so, and themselves also start to pray intensely. Pray that the church will immediately lose their shame of the Holy Spirit and consistently preach on the baptism in the Holy Spirit and pray at the altars once again after EVERY service for the deliverance of all the people from the torments and oppressions of the enemy until deliverance prayer that leads to life-altering victory is once again a part of the American, Argentinian, Malvinian, all N., C. and S. America’s and the global church, NOW! Pray that the lethargy, excuse-making, Spiritual-laziness, oppression, even deep selfishness is broken off the church so that these things take place, NOW, in this urgent moment! Pray God will move the hirelings to repent or move the people away from them in mass to Spirit-filled, Spirit-CONTROLLED Shepherds instead, NOW! (4) pray for ME AND the many people I’ve tried to keep in prayer over the past number of years that God will graciously help us in all of these areas of our lives, NOW and lifelong: (a) Spiritually (b) relationships (c) calling/job (d) breakthroughs/miracles (e) protection/keeping/defense (f) wisdom without any foolishness (g) use of time (h) victory in all things (i) faith, hope, pure love (j) Bible reading, Bible living, Bible memorization, knowing Bible in original languages and retaining the languages (k) provision (l) shalom/peace/rest/calm/favor (m) visitations from God And endless encounters with Him (n) health, mental health, healing (5) pray for all I love and pray for who are bound by demons, addictions, mental illness, witchcraft and life-controlling struggles that all people on my heart and everyone on my prayer lists will be set free from all of these things, everyone… and filled with the Presence of Jesus alone, free… Thank you. I’m not really an email user, I did not send a valid email address, but please still pray for all of these requests and share them with as people as you can. God bless you and supernaturally visit you too in Jesus’ name. Amen… And would you PLEASE not only pray but graciously continue to keep these requests in continual prayer? Thank you.

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