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I'm afraid to die!

2 days before Thanksgiving I went into the hospital & was there for 17 days and a missed Thanksgiving. I have a terminal neurological condition similar to ALS and spent so much time confined I lost my ability to walk so I was released to a rehabilitation facility for 8 weeks. But the rehab facility was cruel and I wound up getting horrible bedsores from their neglect and further lost my ability to sit up or move at all. So I paid an ambulance to drive me home and carry me in and up the stairs. Before Thanksgiving I could still walk with assistance and now I can't walk I can't even sit up by myself I can't move my arm or legs I've lost 10 pounds and I'm scared to death it's permanent.. I'm afraid this is the beginning of the end. Please pray for my restoration! I'm on oxygen now have a catheter can't use the restroom have a kidney infection my bedsores have gotten a fungal infection. I can't even get out to go to the doctor without taking $800 ambulance ride. I feel trapped but I'm no longer in an abusive setting. I really need God's touch! I feel like Job sitting outside the city gates covered in painful sores. I've lost all my abilities. I'm really not understanding why God would allow such a horrible painful disease in someone so young or what I did to deserve this. I simply cannot die with hard feelings towards God. I need more time to sort them out. Why has He not intervened to protect me. I feel so abandoned! Please pray for a healing or that God would speak to me to comfort me. I'm afraid to die in this state! I've begged & begged to be healed or comforted ...I don't understand...I'm at my wits end!

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