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My friend Okeoghenemaro "Maro" Idhove needs to have his application for Pilot training to be accepted, and that the process to bring him to America from Nigeria will be swift and correct. We seek God's guidance in our mission and purpose after Maro's graduation. That we work positively together doing the Will of God, every day! Thank you. Also I pray for the Salvation of my Son-in-Law Shane, my grandchildren; Aspen/Luke, Austin, Jade, and Kaine, and my great-grandchildren; Rhea, Sedonia, and new baby Jason. Thank you for allowing Maro and I to have the previlege to send proclaimers to Nigeria, it means so much to us to send the Word of God to the peoples of Nigeria especially as it is Maro's home. all Glory to the Lord, may He come soon...Let us serve Him mightily until He comes for us! amen

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