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My 42 year old son David has stage 4 kidney cancer that has spread to his pelvis bone, lungs and 2 tumors in the brain. He also has pancreas cancer and diabetes. He found this out in April and the Kidney cancer has grown in the lungs. David is a believer and so is his wife and 12 year old daughter. He is about to have his 4th immunotherapy treatment. My wife Cheryl and I know the power of God is at work to draw us all together and pray and seek the Lord our God for His healing. God has revealed his words to us in numerous ways. We know God only heals even though doctors may help in some ways. We thank God for His Son our savior and Lord. I am praying my son's spirit would grow deeper in love and communion with Jesus Christ. So his light would shine bright all the rest of his days. Thank you for praying!

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