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This package contains Lee Strobel’s own story of how as an atheist, he investigated two foundational questions of Christianity: Did Jesus really claim to be God? And did Jesus really rise from the dead? in Evidence for Jesus Resurrection. In Can We Trust the New Testament?, Strobel further explores how we can be sure that the text of the New Testament hasn’t been altered in significant ways. Jesus: The Search Continues, is a series featuring Dr. Ankerberg, along with many of the world’s top scholars and archaeologists to address question such as: Was Jesus born in Bethlehem? As well as, do the Gospels contradict one another? In The Evidence for the Historical Jesus Dr. Gary Habermas joins Dr. Ankerberg to discuss how we can be certain that the Jesus of history is the same Jesus of our Christian faith? This package is packed with evidence to support the claims of Jesus and will not only encourage you but will also equip you as you share with those who are skeptics of Christ.

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